Program Evaluation, Analysis, & Oversight

How Is Your Workers’ Comp Program Doing?

The PATH Alliance offers a comprehensive program evaluation, analysis, and oversight service for employers seeking to streamline their workers’ compensation programs. This consultative service is available to all public and private employers within the state of California; however, it is primarily designed to help self-insured and high-deductible employers specifically.

Under this service, the evaluation of an employer’s existing workers’ compensation program begins with a review of the current program structure, as well as an independent claims audit. Based on the results, The PATH Alliance determines whether the current program structure is best suited for the employer’s needs, and then offers recommendations in the following areas:

  • Program Structure: This includes determining whether a guaranteed-cost, high-deductible, or self-insured program is best for a given employer, as well as performing a retention review for excess insurance.
  • Claims Control: This includes identifying opportunities for cost savings or avoidance, such as through medical or litigation management, using proven strategies for the employer’s industry.
  • Vendor Management: This includes reviewing an employer’s existing network of partners, identifying new partners that align with the employer’s needs and values, and negotiating better rates for services.
  • Policies & Protocols: This includes designing and managing internal processes to ensure that the program is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Upon completion of a comprehensive review, employers gain peace of mind knowing that they have a thorough understanding of where they currently are, as well as a detailed roadmap for their future success. The PATH Alliance helps employers forge the path ahead.