Jack Passarella

Jack Passarella is Vice President of Safety and Loss Control at The PATH Alliance. His safety training and career started in the United States Air Force in 1976 where he spent eight years as a safety technician serving our country. He separated from the USAF in 1984 and finished his BA in Occupational Safety and Health from CSU Fresno in 1988.

Jack started his loss control career in California in 1985 while working for a California workers’ compensation company located in the Central Valley. He gained a wealth of knowledge for many industries including Agriculture, Construction, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Trucking, Banking, Auto Dealerships, and more, and was able to adapt his safety experience to achieve success in reducing work-related incidents and insurance costs.

Over the last 15 years, Jack has become an accomplished trainer and speaker in numerous safety topics for a variety of agencies. These topics include lockout/tagout, forklift train the trainer, agricultural operations and equipment, dairy safety, and supervisor/management training. The agencies include Fresno County Farm Bureau, California Fresh Fruit Association, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Western United Dairymen, and many more.

Now, Jack takes his more than 40 years of safety experience to work closely with self-insured groups and their members, helping them achieve their goals in incident and cost reduction and be compliant with state and federal regulations. Through a commitment to safety, he intends to help members lead the way in the success of their programs and attain the highest possible outcomes regarding employee safety and welfare.